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FmTFDb is the first online transcription factor database developed for the model crop Setaria italica L., comprising comprehensive set of transcription factors (2297 Genes) and classifies them into 55 families. Foxtail millet, the second largest cultivated millet species has been recently considered to be a tractable model crop for studying functional genomics, as it possesses a small genome (~515 Mb), short life-cycle, rich genetic diversity (~6,000 varieties), inbreeding nature and closely-related to several bioenergy grasses. Recently, the draft genome sequence was released by US Department of Energy - Joint Genome Initiative and Beijing Genomics Institute, China. Being a potential abiotic stress tolerant crop, foxtail millet is also used as model to decipher the molecular mechanism involved in tolerance towards abiotic stresses.

Recent reports on the role of transcription factors in abiotic stress tolerance (e.g. NAC, DREB) has motivated our group to identify and catalogue all the foxtail millet genes involved in transcriptional control. Promisingly, this FmTFDb will facilitate the molecular dissection of transcriptional machinery in foxtail millet, especially, identification and characterization of transcription factors controlling the expression of stress-induced genes for understanding the stress-induced signal transduction events and eventually leading towards development of crop varieties superior in stress-tolerance by genetic manipulation.

The design of FmTFDb database schema follows the "Three-Level-Schema" architecture, is shown in figure 1, developed using open-source softwares, MySQL, Apache and PHP. The FmTFDb schema is shown in the figure 2.

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Venkata Suresh B, Muthamilarasan M, Roy R and Prasad M. 2013. FmTFDb: Foxtail millet Transcription Factor Database for expediting functional genomics in millets, cereals and bioenergy grass species. The database can be accessed freely at